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The Division of Homeland Security is a proud partner of the West Virginia Statewide Radio Network. This important initiative of the State of West Virginia in collaboration with many local partners will move West Virginia into the next generation of communications.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of the WV Statewide Radio Network is to continue the construction and complete the build-out of a statewide interoperable communications system.

Our Prime Directive.

Develop and foster a collaborative approach which develops an infrastructure which meets and supports the needs of all public safety agencies and encourages their cooperation without harming the individual agencies need for autonomy within their own systems.

Mobile Operations Center

The Division maintains a state of the art mobile operations center that can be deployed to any location to establish communications and support a forward operating command post.  The MOC has satellite communications, VOIP phones, cellular phones, Video conferencing capabilitiy, radio interoperabilitiy as well as radio caches for incident command.



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