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Arson Hot Line

The West Virginia ARSON HOTLINE, is to be used by fire departments, law enforcement agencies and the general public to provide appropriate information to the State Fire Marshal in the event of a fire or explosives emergency incident. Fire departments/Law enforcement agencies shall report to the ARSON HOTLINE in any of the following instances:

  • Suspecting a fire to be incendiary in nature.
  • Fire resulting in fatality(s).
  • All explosives incidents.
  • Imperative information concerning criminal actions.
  • Large loss fire(s)

The ARSON HOTLINE is available for the general public to relay information concerning any of the above mentioned situations. The WV ARSON HOTLINE is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone with any information pertaining to these types of public hazards are strongly encouraged to call. The State Fire Marshal's Office can only react swiftly and effectively with quick, precise information. 

Together, we can stop Arson!

For emergency response from the State Fire Marshals Office in the event of a fire fatality, large loss fire or explosives incident, the State Fire Marshal's Office ARSON HOTLINE must be contacted at 800-233-FIRE.

In the event of a fire fatality, it is imperative that the ARSON HOTLINE be notified immediately. Unless there are unusual circumstances necessitating the removal of the victim, they should not be moved from the scene until a Fire Marshal has arrived.

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