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Recovery is the process of a community, its citizens and businesses, returning to their pre-disaster condition. It is primarily the responsibility of those affected to coordinate and manage this process. Voluntary organizations, state agencies and federal agencies provide resources that help the community recover more quickly and more completely. Recovery may be a rapid process in those areas with relatively minor damage, but it may take years or never be completed when damages are severe.

The West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management coordinates state recovery programs, and works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to determine the appropriate level of federal recovery assistance. If the President declares West Virginia eligible for Emergency or Major Disaster assistance, then WVDHSEM works with FEMA to administer the state and federal programs in a coordinated manner to provide the maximum assistance to the affected families, businesses and communities.

Individual Assistance

Karen Settles
Individual Assistance Officer
(304) 957-2573

Public Assistance

Sherry Hardway
Public Assistance Officer
(304) 957-2573 

Greg Myers

Recovery Associate
(304) 957-2573 

Mike Inman
Recovery Associate
(304) 957-2573

West Virginia Disaster History

West Virginia
Division of Homeland
Security and Emergency Management

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Recovery and Mitigation Office
Phone: (304) 957-2573
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