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Beaver Valley Power Station

Beaver Valley Power Station is a two unit nuclear power plant located in Shippingport, Pennsylvania about 5 miles east of West Virginia. The Beaver Valley plant is operated by FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company a subsidiary of FirstEnergy. The plant consists of two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors that started operation on July 2nd, 1976, for Unit One, and August 14th, 1987, for Unit Two. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has licensed Unit One to operate through January 29th, 2036 and Unit Two through May 27th, 2047.

The State of West Virginia and Hancock County coordinate emergency response plans and activities with Beaver Valley Power Station, the State of Ohio and Columbiana County, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Beaver County. State and county agencies have the primary responsibility for the safety of the general public outside of the nuclear facility. Most of these protective actions center around a 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone that includes parts of Hancock County, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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