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2013 Training Schedule

FEB 2013

Hawks Nest State Park

Instructor: Don Williams/Carla McBee

19 FEB 0800 – 1600

20 FEB 0800 - 1200

12 Hours
Rapid Assessment Workshop, G250.7

Communities can use the Resource Guide and Facilitator’s Guide when developing the plan and procedures for rapidly and efficiently collecting disaster intelligence immediately following a disaster.  This intelligence is used to prioritize response activities, allocate available resources, and specifically request resources to save and sustain lives.

Selection criteria:  Any community working to improve its disaster intelligence collection procedures.


MAR 2013

North Bend State Park

26 MAR 0800 – 1600

27 MAR 0800 – 1600

16 Hours

Instructor: Jeff Harvey/Doug Britvec
Recovery from Disaster, the Local Government Role, G270.4

This is a 2 day course and covers the roles and responsibilities of local recovery team members.

Selection criteria:  Local government emergency managers, city and county administrators, community planners, building inspectors, and public works directors.



APR 2013

Twin Falls Resort State Park

23 APR 0800 – 1600

24 APR 0800 – 1600

16 Hours

G364 Multi-Hazard Planning for Schools

Instructor:  Don Williams/Greg Burd

This 2 day course provides schools with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to review, enhance, and sustain their all-hazard school Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and how to train and exercise the school EOP.  This course follows the guidance set forth in the FEMA Comprehensive Guide, CPG 101, for developing EOP and explains to utilize National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the foundation for planning and building partnerships with outside agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency management. 


Required: School EOP.

Selection Criteria: Principals, assistant principals, risk managers, school safety coordinators, school board members, transportation and food service coordinators, facility managers/building engineers, nurses, counselors, public information officers, teachers, and local first responders.

MAY 2013

Blackwater Falls State Park

Instructor: FEMA

21 MAY 0800 – 1600

22 MAY 0800 – 1600

23 MAY 0800 – 1600

24 Hours

Debris Management, G202

This field course is designed for State, local, and Tribal personnel at all levels as well as public works directors, their staffs, and waste management personnel.  The course provides an overview of issues and recommended actions necessary to plan for, respond to, and recover from debris-generating events.

Selection criteria:  State, local, and tribal personnel.


JUN 2013

Cacapon State Park

17 JUN 0800 – 1600

18 JUN 0800 – 1600

19 JUN 0800 – 1600

Hours: 24

G393, Mitigation for Emergency Managers

Instructor: Jeff Harvey/Doug Britvec

This course is designed to train emergency managers and other interested individuals who have no specialized technical background, but who can support mitigation efforts as advocates.  The course provides activities and exercises that build the participants’ ability to perform the tasks and responsibilities of the emergency manager’s role, create long-term strategies for disaster-resistant communities, identify local mitigation opportunities, select mitigation solutions to hazard risk problems, and find resources to carry out mitigation activities in a post-disaster environment.


Selection Criteria: Local government officials, emergency managers, community leaders in such efforts as voluntary organizations, businesses and industries, and other emergency service personnel.


JUL 2013

Pipestem State Park

16 JUL - 0800 – 1600

17 JUL - 0800 – 1300

17 Hours

G775, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management and Operations

Instructor: Dave Bradley/Don Williams

This course explores the role, design, and functions of the EOC and their relationships as components of a multiagency coordination system.  The course contains disaster-related examples, activities, and case studies that relate to EOCs and multiagency coordination systems at the local, State, and Federal levels of government.


Selection Criteria:  This course is open to all Federal, State, local emergency managers; first responders to include incident commanders from all emergency management disciplines; private industry personnel responsible for coordination activities during a disaster; and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD).

AUG 2013

Tygart Lake State Park

20 AUG 0800 – 1600

21 AUG 0800 – 1200

12 Hours

G191, Incident Command System/Emergency Operations Center Interface                                          Instructor: Dave Bradley/Don Williams

This is a 1 ½ day course and provides an opportunity for participants to begin developing and ICS/EOC interface for their community.  The course reviews ICS and EOC responsibilities and functions and depends heavily on exercises and group discussions to formulate the interface.

Selection criteria:  Participants should be teams from community’s ICS and EOC personnel.

Prerequisites:  None.



SEP 2013

Chief Logan Lodge

17 SEP 0800 - 1600
18 SEP 0800 - 1600
19 SEP 0800 - 1600
24 Hours
L371, PA Eligibility Program 
Instructor: FEMA
This is a 3 day course.    The L371 PA eligibility course was originally and primarily designed for FEMA project specialists. It is an internal scenario-driven course that delves into simple and complex program eligibility questions. An introduction to process and project formulation occurs along the way. The instruction will be provided by personnel that have extensive knowledge and experience with the delivery of this reimbursement program. For state and local leaders, this course can prove to be instrumental in not only familiarization but also anticipation of the requirements for receiving federal and state assistance when a disaster occurs and especially when a presidential declaration has been granted.

Selection Criteria: Local government officials, emergency managers, community leaders, and other emergency service personnel.

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